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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10SS010Home At LastA heart warming tune with rich orchestra, piano, high pitched percussion and choir. A solo piano melody plays over light high strings that slowly begin to pulse. Choir joins in halfway through and carries the song to a soft piano ending. Version - Full Mix02:19Andrew Keresztes (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4MIN013Perfect ChoiceShimmering acoustic guitar and piano play softly over airy synth pads with long string notes adding an intimate tone before launching into a big, positive sounding rock anthem. Big and edgy, yet pleasant and epic sounding. Version - Full Mix01:51Phraze (BMI) 50% , Jesse Josefsson (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2CAR443Heroes JourneyEPIC QUESTS One man's crusade across a dangerous landscape. 02:31Paul Hart (PRS) 50%, David Arnold (PRS) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8SS029The DarkDriving and rigorous with a lethal guitar edgy combined with dramatic orchestral progressions. Drums create an energetic, strong beat with bass and electric guitar pulses, while orchestral brass and strings flourish and sway theatrical chord themes overt. Version - Full Mix02:10Colleen Sharmat (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14AA005Young And DeterminedPromotion - Advertising - Commercials - Cello, Serious. A masterful cello begins reminiscent of Bach. POI @ :13 a majestic piano enters. POI @ :29 the song goes big and emotional with full strings supporting the cello. A wonderful showcase of elegance and grace. 109 BPM. Full Mix01:06Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks20AA005The Few The ProudPromotion - Advertising - Commercials - Orchestral, Serious. A patriotic piece that begins with a beautiful french horn melody. POI @ :10 beautiful counter strings enter. POI @ :30 the song goes big with full orchestra and choir. A serious heroic tribute to the soldiers that protect our land. 66 BPM. Full Mix01:13Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15AZ046Digital MeltdownStrings drive relentlessly through droning brass. A melancholic choral-swell gains momentum and slowly builds into an emotional, epic struggle for hope. Orchestral - Trailer, Classical, Epic. 80 BPM. Full Mix.02:26Lisle Moore (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12GA026ExtravaganzaUrban - Hip Hop. This tune tricks you at the start. You think it's going to be sentimental with the emotional strings and synth then, BAM!. You feel like it's trying to start a fight when the male bass vocals start yellingHeyand the beat starts hopping with low brass and drums. Synth steals a moment at :30, 1:04, 1:51. Full Mix.02:39Daniel Delaney (APRA) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10SS026Epic StoryLong, simplistic orchestral chords make way for a sweet, tender melody that builds into a passionate, epic theme with sentimental overtones. Version - Full Mix02:40Udi Harpaz (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks19NSPS138Vulgar Boatmen ReturnSports. Kitschy keys, thick synth bass and beefy kicks create an old-school, uptempo, playful 8-bit computer vibe. POI at :30 lively brass and spirited staccato strings kick out the call-and-answer riffs as the good-times roll on. POI at 1:12 pounding, victorious syncopated bridge with all the sonic colors playing in unison. POI at 1:35 back to the joyful jam as this feel-good party train rolls on through the night. Sweet! Full Mix. 94 bpm.02:01Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1X005Morte AeternaMajestic, powerful and epic sounds ooze from this cinematic thriller filled with ominous textures, pummeling drums. POI @ :43 tense racing staccato strings, proud brass and soaring orchestra. POI @ 1:47 full panic with haunting choir, frantic hair-raising strings and tension fx take you to the edge. Drama - Orchestral. 77 BPM. Full Mix.02:53Mark Moore (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks8IG024A Hero's WelcomeA hymn like sense of reverence and honor at the beginning. Choir, brass joins in and strings build triumphantly at 0:23, and finish with a sense of accomplishment. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.00:54Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15IG024Glory DaysVery upbeat and positive. Fast beat with short strings to open. Encouraging choir and electric guitar jump in at 0:30 and add to the celebration. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.01:06Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9CAR449Heroes DestinyDEPRAVED CRUSADES Lost souls unite and take a heroic ride out in the ultimate battle of good over evil. Epic, lion-hearted adventure. 01:58Inon Zur (BMI) 100%
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January 31, 2014
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