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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4NSPS125Broken ClockIndie - Pop. 123 BPM. Full Mix.02:55Michael Jay McClellan (BMI) 50% , Stephen Michael Newman (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14NSPS135Mambo JamboCommercial - Promo. Muy Caliente! Get lost in the sultry Latin sounds with jazzy guitars, slick saxophones and infectious percussion! Big bass warms up the low end while the brass boys call and answer at :48 keeping you locked in tight. POI at :56 red-hot percussive break with vocal highlights. Chic, groovy, sultry, jazzy fun with a healthy dose of hot sauce. Full Mix. 120/240 bpm.02:08Barry Griffin (BMI) 75% , Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 25%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2NSPSMYS01Mischief MakerComedy - Children - Quirky, Kitsch. A clever, mischievous track highlighted with pizzicato strings, xylophone and full orchestra with the sounds of a tick-tock clock; suspicious fun, children kids cartoon. 100/200 bpm. Full Mix.01:48Ron Komie (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3INF009Kazoo SwingQuirky kazoo swing with guitalele. Intro 0'14. Break @ 0'44. Rhythmic @ 1'06. Funny & smiley. 01:49Thomas Cordé (SACEM) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7MIN010Boardwalk HustleA cheesy galloping track with a pizzicato string melody over fast moving brush drums. Upright bass holds down the fort with a simple bouncing bass line while strings climb up and down with sunny, chipper melodies. Version - Full Mix01:35Phraze (BMI) 50% , Todd Andrew (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks19MIN010Playful KittensMischievous vibes and marimba playfully combine with cute melodies and are joined by a more authoritative low brass section. Humorous with a tongue-in-cheek smile and a whimsical vibe. Version - Full Mix01:41Phraze (BMI) 50% , Todd Andrew (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10AZ045Summer FlingA summer romance starts with a subtle hint of uncertainty. Our protagonists can only fight true love for so long. Misunderstanding gives way to winds, light hearted horns, flirtation and frivolity. Comedy, Romance - Children, Drama. Full Mix, 76 BPM02:02Lisle Moore (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3TL077Catch A MouseComedy - Children. I hope you've learned some mouse catching skills watching Tom and Jerry because this mouse is really on the run. Bouncing, squeaking and crashing like a circus right from the start. A sneaky escape at :48. Full Mix.02:03Nicolas Barry (BMI) 50%, Tomas Jacobi (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3KSM045KazooeyA goofy kids tune full of weird kazoo melodies and oddball sound effects. Light drum kit, slide acoustic guitar and ukulele bounce along. Version - Full Mix02:22Jay Stollman (BMI) 50% , Peter Primamore (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2KSM045Time To PlayPlayful and upbeat toy piano plays a cute melody over a big kick drum, pot and pan percussion, upright bass, and ukulele. Light and whimsical. Version - Full Mix02:19Jay Stollman (BMI) 50% , Peter Primamore (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks16NSPS135BobbleheadCommercial - Promo. Bust a move over this funky, vibey jam featuring quirky, acoustic guitars, thick, kitschy synth bass and playful electronic and acoustic drums. POI at :32 nonsensical vocal chant keeps the mood light while the funky synth clav gets down and dirty. Full Mix. 120 bpm.02:05Zach Ziskin (BMI) 80% , Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 20%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6GAS011Blick It60's lounge cheese never sounded so good! Optimistic melodies and head bobbing rhythms bring retro and modern eyeball to eyeball. Cute, happy and comical, this track makes fun of the past whilst paying homage to it! A slightly silly, fun and farcical freakout for kids or un grownups! Comedy - Kitsch. 109.35 BPM. Full.01:39Alexander Salter (APRA) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks16AZ045DevotedHot summer nights and young love give way to a light-hearted tune with a bit of swagger. A classic, bluesy melody showcases clarinet and grooving piano licks, driven by rhythm section and strings. Comedy, Romance - Trialer, Blues. Full Mix, 125/129 BPM02:14Vince Frates (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7TL077Nutty Circus PolkaComedy - Children. This tune will put you in the mood for tightropes, cotton candy, and clowns. A trumpet blows like it's announcing there's a dangerous swinging trapeze act. Out come the clowns at :50. The tuba brings the elephants at 1:33. Full Mix.01:59Bernd Gottinger (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks29AZ032Adam's AppleA perky groove oriented piece that features synth vox and toy piano melodies with pop percussion and rhythm. Commercial Length Cuts - Comdey. 133.5 BPM. Full Mix.01:02Vincent Frates (BMI) 100%
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October 9, 2013
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