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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13NSPSIND01Hit And RunPop - Rock - Indie. Heart pumping song with male vocal, attitude, electric guitars and slammin' rhythm section. 176 bpm. Full Mix.02:23John B Hancock (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9NSPS136VileRock - Heavy. Strap on your boots and kick start your hog with this heavy rockin' anthem. Low, raunchy guitars lay down a bad-ass riff while bombastic drums and bone-rattling bass assault your senses. POI at :13 a screeching guitar solo wormholes it's way into your head leaving you rocked! Full Mix. 168 bpm.01:02David Kos Rolfe (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13MIN013White MountainsA syncopated drum pattern supports a simple guitar melody with an indie rock feel. Repetitious and modern sounding with an ambient rock flair, Mellow, introverted, and nostalgic. Version - Full Mix01:54Phraze (BMI) 50% , Todd Andrew (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6CAR435Hot RibsStomping, electrifying punky blues mayhem. Fill your boots! 02:15Bryan New (ASCSAP) 50%, John Beemiller (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1NSPS138Monday Night MadnessRock - Trailer. Take a deep breath and open up this can of sonic whoop-ass featuring galvanizing guitars, monstrous rock drums and bombastic distorted bass! POI at :27 a huge, majestic brass section cuts through adding a powerful and victorious tone while POI at :52 gorgeous strings soar above pushing you higher. Bubbling, oscillating synths play over sweeping, filtered, tension fx taking this thrilling, cinematic rocker to the stratosphere! Full Mix. 75/150 bpm.01:49Michael John Gordon (BMI) 50% , Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1AZ047Gator BaiterDark, bluesy, rockin' beats with a dose of moonshine, visceral slide guitar and questionable morals. A down home, alt. country rock song with a bad attitude and serious swagger will start your toes tapping and have you rooting for the dirty cowboy antagonist. A dark sense of foreboding creates drama and shakes the dust off the swamp style banjo and drums. Country - Blues, Rock, Acoustic. 95 BPM. Full Mix.02:21Michael Dowdle (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks18NSPS125HereRock - Alternative. 135 BPM. Full Mix.03:02Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4NSPS136EuphoriaRock - Alternative. Get lost in the feeling with emotional guitars, tight rockin' drums and deep, pulsing bass. A repeating electric guitar lead keeps you locked into the powerful and sentimental vibes while you're swept up in the moment as the band rocks on! Anthemic, moving and stuffed with rock'n'roll attitude! Full Mix. 140 bpm.01:10David Kos Rolfe (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1GV1053Slammin Down DoorsRock - Metal - Progressive. Loud rock guitars, live drums, and serious metal come to a swirling frenzy. Full Mix.02:16Eliot Pulse (ASCAP) 20%, Kyle White (ASCAP) 80%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks12AZ048GritThe action is about to get heavy in here. Funked up retro synth pop brings on the swagger with swinging synths and big beat drums while creating a cheeky sense of mischief.02:04Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1SFL1186I Got All DayA bright-eyed, youthful pop track with bopping rhythms and lush retro synth textures. An unforced groove strides underneath electronically manipulated horn pops into a rhythmically tangled, hooky chorus. Version - Full Mix02:15Jeremy Lutito (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4KSM050Getting Some StrangeFast acting drum loops and vintage edge guitars launch a rocked out assault with weird spacey guitar leads echoing in the background leading up to a climactic musical rise. Psychedelic and trashy sounding. Version - Full Mix01:31Alison Jasgur (BMI) 50% , Jay Stollman (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1SFL1202Fire Down BelowRetro rock guitars spill out with reckless abandon over punchy drums and bass ready to claw through the speakers. Psychedelic piano and vocal effects change it up for the chorus before returning to a wild, edgy vintage rocker. Version - With Vocals02:31David Rolfe (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks37X002InvictusAction - Aggressive. Distorted, digital synths play over a slow, militant rock groove to kick off this mammoth piece. POI @ :25 the energy ignites with an onslaught of huge drums, detuned, distorted guitars and gritty synths withtalk-boxhumanoid monster frequencies. POI @ :42 desperate yet beautiful female vocals and strings enter for a softer, emotional shift only to jump in the fire again while this desperate, aggressive monster rocker! Full Mix.01:57Nick Murray (ASCAP) 50%, Mark Moore (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks16CAR331AAddicted To ChaosHeavy hard dirty guitars aggressive vocals Vox03:04Bumblefoot (BMI) 100%
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October 9, 2013
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