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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks55Fritto MistoWorld - Italian. The perfect tune for a festival dance. Once you hear the hopping bass and guitar beat you'll want to follow suit. The piano takes the spotlight after the break at :30. Full Mix.Promo AfterburnIgnite00:55Nicolas Barry (BMI) 100% Groove Addicts International Music Publishing (BMI) 100% IG017
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks22The GondolierMedium slow tempo easy relaxed romantic Italian features mandolin voice sounds Mediterranean - France - ItalyCPM02:20Bob Barratt (PRS) 50%, Colin Frechter (PRS) 50%CRML Limited (PRS) 100%CAR302
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13Settle DownFolk - Americana. Imagine a dry dusty mellow day, and there you are staring at a land full of cacti. Now imagine it's in Italy, and Italy is slowly floating heavenward. You've got the picture for this tune. The fluttering of Spanish guitars are like wind chimes adding support to the main guitar melody. Full Mix.Voices of the GuitarWho Did That Music01:38Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 100%Groove Addicts International Music Publishing (BMI) 100%TL081
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2My BambinoA traditional Italian track with accordion, nylon guitar, clarinet, and mandolin. Accordion is joined by a string bed for the opening of the track and shifts to a clarinet and guitar duet at :26. Mandolin and accordion join in the supporting role with s. Version - Full MixWorldScoring Stage01:46Colleen Sharmat (BMI) 100% Scoring Stage Music (BMI) 100% SS014
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks30Lovers In VeniceSlow tempo reflective nostalgic romantic Italian dreamy features mandolins Mediterranean - France - ItalyCPM03:17Max Brittain (PRS) 100%CRML Limited (PRS) 100%CAR302
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13Hot Italian PastaRomance - Commercial. Mi Amore! Sit back and enjoy this romantic, devilish Italian folk tune centered around a playful, mischievous accordion. POI at : 47 get lost in the feeling with marching percussion, lively acoustic guitars and frolicking mandolin. POI at 1:22 maximum swagger with driving percussion and frenzied accordion. Exotic, sensual and impassioned. 122 bpm.Sexy Sensual Romantic - Seduction At It's FinestNon-Stop Producer Series02:03Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 100% Non-Stop Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% NSPS131
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks34Amalfi WaltzElegant light orchestral easy listening waltz 30SecDreamy Romantic StringsCPM00:34Edwin Vella (PRS) 50%, Lee Spiteri (PRS) 50%CRML Limited (PRS) 100%CAR405B
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks82The Italian SymphonyBright busy heroic theme features strings 60SecPromos 2 - Movies TwoCPM01:04Felix Mendelssohn (PD) 100%CRML Limited (PRS) 100%CAR362B
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks74Sweet NapoliMedium tempo light Latin holiday features strings flute and guitars 30SecDance Hall - Swing - Jazz - LoungeCPM Archive Series00:33Ib Glindemann (KODA) 100%CRML Limited (PRS) 100%CAS007B
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1The Barber Of Seville - Cavatina Largo Al Factorum - Act 1Opens with string statement joined by baritone voice. Happy jubilant atmosphere. Popular work. At 3.10 Figaro lyric Classical Selection 2CPM Classical04:28Gioacchino Rossini (PD) 100%CRML Limited (PRS) 100%Class011
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13ItalyWorld - Anthem. Inno di Mameli. Full MixAnthems and CeremonialImage Music Library01:22Peter Jackson (APRA) 100% Fable Music Pty Ltd (APRA) 100% IMCD3021
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July 3, 2014
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