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Play Add Download Click to view album tracksLE Metallic Chasehigh-octane stop-and-go action rock, intense guitar theme with drum accompaniment, rough and ambitious, enjoying the thrill - 85 BPM, Full MixMofro (GEMA) 50% , Ernest Ribka (GEMA) 50% 00:56
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksBadland BlitzkriegThis brutal and breathtakingly intense hybrid-orchestral rocker decimates with razor-sharp, sinister guitars, frantic strings/orchestra, ominous fx, monstrous drums/percussion, big brass and fiery, chanting choir pushing the threat level to MAXIMUM! Feel the power of BADLAND BLITZKRIEG! Heavy, dystopian and overpowering. #TerminusAnthony Dickinson (BMI) 100% 02:10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksDub Dancerrapid drum 'n' bass track, dynamic, ecstatic, thrilling. a driven chase through weirdly changing scenes - G minor, 170 BPM, Full MixMichael Werner Maas (GEMA) 100% 01:44
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksTotal TransformationSlick and sophisticated electro rock - serious attitude Roger Dexter (PRS) 36%, Sandy Beech (PRS) 36%, Russell Square (PRS) 28%02:06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksComeback KingsGlamorous crime in dangerous times. Funky pop groove topped by a gutsy brass theme which oozes swaggering retro cool.Ralph Lamb (PRS) 50% , Andrew Ross (PRS) 50% 02:56
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksChain PullerStrong, dynamic revival rock builds powerfully with passionate and inspirational energy.Ehren Ebbage (BMI) 50% , Timothy Michael Marks (BMI) 50% 02:20
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksRoughhouseExplosive, aggressive and punchy blues rock. Pushing the limit Bryan New (ASCSAP) 60%, Andrew Macdonald (BMI) 40%02:14
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksSucker PunchBehold! Total rock-and-roll annihilation that will knock you senseless with a one-two punch of jet fueled guitars, amphetamine-driven drums, monstrous cinematic drops, and fists-of-thunder bass, all blazing a path to certain destruction! Bold, Bombastic, Blistering.Or Kribos (BMI) 50% , Or Chausha (PRS) 50% 02:16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksGutsDriving and intense rock builds boldly with edgy, dark confidence.Aaron David Anderson (BMI) 50% , Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 50% 01:39
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksRun For Your MoneyTough-tackling electro rock impact. Guitar led riffs with heavyweight, aggressive beats. Drop and build at 1:32Louise Dowd (PRS) 50% , Jeremy Abbott (PRS) 50% 02:26
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksStyle BrigadeLighthearted surfer rock gem with anthemic vibrant guitars and youthful spirited drums perfect for Sports, Commercials, and Adventure. Fun, Sunny, Vivacious, Upbeat.Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 40% , Christopher Julian Vaughn (BMI) 25% , Nicholas Scott Stecki (BMI) 35% 01:58
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksThe Crowd RoarsTriumphant strong military style pop track with striking proud massive drums, jubilant excited brass and hand claps fitted for Sports, Action, Commericals, and Ads. Victorious, Battle, Champion, Positive.Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 100% 01:33
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksStoned FuryFeel the sonic-FURY of this frenzied, classic/hard-rock track raging with gritty organ, beefy bass and an arsenal of fiery, riffing guitars cutting loose over a relentless, pummeling drum performance! Lean, mean and #OUTOFCONTROLDavid Kos Rolfe (ASCAP) 100% 01:57
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksIn Peace In WarEpic lush orchestral underscore builds to gripping triumphant theme. POI @ :14 Silky strings swell gently through the texture. POI @ 0:30 Solo cello articulates the mysterious melody. POI :48 Low hits build beneath cello line. POI @ 1:11 Massive swell into main theme. POI @ 1:32 Choir soar victoriously above the driving orchestra. POI @ 2:03 Riser into suspension. POI 2:09 Cymbal swell into final anthem featuring dramatic french horns. Trailer - Orchestral - Theme. 110 BPM. Full mix.Robert Leslie Bennett (ASCAP) 50% , Joshua Daniel Crispin (BMI) 50% 03:08
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksEmbrace LightLit up with hyped, half-time energy and positive vibrations this effervescent electronic/edm track explodes with shimmering synths, punchy drums, deep bass, kinetic arpeggios and playful mallet keys creating a fresh and euphoric sound. #EmbraceLight #JumpDaniel Joshua Holyoak (BMI) 100% 02:11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPure TriumphA positive sounding track with strings supporting a contemporary pop guitar chime. Hopeful and optimistic sounding with an edgy, trendy theme. Version - Full MixCody Westheimer (ASCAP) 100% 02:55
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September 21, 2017
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