Film Trailer Sampler 2013 Part 3

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Play Add Download 32KillerDrama - Soundtrack - Trailer. Pounding industrial drums, with heavy guitars, distortion everywhere. Med-Fast. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FT001Click to view album tracks01:01
Play Add Download 14OrbitSoundtrack - Percussive. A percussive cue that opens with rhythmic sound design pulses, sparse heavy drum hits and moody textures. The drums, percussion and sound design intensify as the cue moves into its climax coupled with an intense sound design rise to intensify the cinematic effect. Full Mix .Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTTT004Click to view album tracks00:56
Play Add Download 36Fault LineAction - Drama - Trailer. We're at an our inevitable impasse. You want what I have, but I don't go down so easily or quickly. You try to strike me, but I gain the upper hand and mark your true end. Strong guitar chords and hip hop infused electronic drums coupled and live drums open this cue. The guitars build and layer in thickness and intensity throughout the piece adding strength and propulsion to the groove the drums lay down. Elements of sound design, percussion and synths are added along the way with a strong top guitar line melody, which all build towards an ultimate climax where good defeats evil. Med-Fast. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTB002Click to view album tracks01:59
Play Add Download 97Slasher HitProduction Elements - Soundtrack, Sound Design - Sound Design. Swell hits. N/A. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTTT001Click to view album tracks00:06
Play Add Download 9CrankElectronic - Orchestral - Action. Panicking hyper strings poke through huge brass stabs and pounding cinematic percussion. Scared stiff. Unrelenting droning bass syncopates with the driving rhythm. POI :43 breaks down to tense effected electronic rhythmic elements with the bone shattering bass and gigantic drums. Cinematic Rise. POI Hysteria fully takes over as the orchestra re-enters and marches you towards the ascending conclusion.Nick Murray (ASCAP) 100%AA004Click to view album tracks02:09
Play Add Download 9The Company RemixThe day of reckoning descends upon you with an orchestral/ industrial rock crossbreed with Dubstep bloodlines. Distorted guitars and dark, electronically infused soundscapes create an ominous atmosphere. A powerful, disturbing, percussive rise crescendos into a dissonant frenzy before fading to eternal darkness. A DJ style filtered synth lead, massive percussion and epic drum break beats collide with energetic, driving synths to create a heavy, syncopated drum and bass feel. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 85 BPM. Full Mix.Ryan Boud (BMI) 50% , Yoni Gileadi (BMI) 25% , Amy Gileadi (ASCAP) 25% AL002Click to view album tracks02:23
Play Add Download 26Restitution (No Choir)Action - Aggressive. Distant cinematic percussion and a desperate arpeggiated orchestral string section slowly approach to start off this high-energy trailer composition. POI @ :25 the chase is on with pounding drums, low, ominous ancient horns and tense strings. POI @ 1:03 charged, attacking drums add even more kinetic energy and get you ready for the POI @ 1:28 immense, frenzied and overpowering outro/climax. This one will take your breath away. No Choir.Nick Murray (ASCAP) 50%, Mark Moore (ASCAP) 50%X002Click to view album tracks01:54
Play Add Download 18Still WaterDrama - Electronic - Sound Design. The river runs red from blood spilt during the incident, but the waters are eerily calmer than ever. This cue starts off with very ethereal sound design and strings. The direction soon turns into incessant synthetic pulsing and a distorted electric guitar. Med-Slow. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTR001Click to view album tracks01:47
Play Add Download 29ShockwaveDrama - Soundtrack - Trailer. Heavy guitars mixed with electronica, orchestral and fx accents. Med-Fast. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FT001Click to view album tracks01:15
Play Add Download 39TurbineProduction Elements - Soundtrack, Sound Design - Sound Design. Textural builds. N/A. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTTT001Click to view album tracks00:29
Play Add Download 62Afterburner RiseProduction Elements - Trailer - Sound Design. Rise used to building up the intensity of a cinematic situation. Medium. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTTT003BClick to view album tracks00:43
Play Add Download 1Souk ChaseWorld - Soundtrack. An exciting Middle Eastern cue with pounding Arabic percussion, sultry-sounding ethnic winds, and an expressive violin melody that gathers momentum and builds to a stirring climax; with a heavy rock guitar line that contributes some contemporary flavor. Main.Stewart Copeland (BMI) 50%, Omar Fadel (BMI) 50%ED001Click to view album tracks01:15
Play Add Download 17One For The RoadRock - Garage Rock, Revival, This tune is equally comfortable on the road or shaking its gangly thang at the roadhouse. Crunchy guitars and slamming drums. Lead guitar accents. Breakdown at :17. Nice fill at :47. Break and build at 1:20. Another nice fill at 1:45. Guitar breakdown at 1:49. medium tempo, athletic, confident, in your face, driving, sports, power, organic, raw, drums, bass, electric guitars, 125 bpm. Full Mix.Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%AA001Click to view album tracks02:33
Play Add Download 101Assault Hit SwellSoundtrack - Hits. Building in sound, this swelling hit intensifies any situation with suspense. Full Mix.Kaveh Cohen (ASCAP) 50%, Michael David Nielsen (ASCAP) 50%FTTT004Click to view album tracks00:08
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July 16, 2013
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