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Play Add Download 1Rock All NightAiry, bright and super-energetic! An all night, non-stop party track with candy coated vocals and pumping Electro-Hop beats. Breathy synth filters rise in the background as effected vocals crank out the sticky chorus leading into playfully tough rap. No. Version - Full Mix With VocalsPartySpecial Request Library03:05Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 16Electric BallroomDance - Electronica - Atmospheric. Sequencer heaven, bass, and melody are a feast of catchy sequencing with a host of other interesting interjections. Full Mix.Metric MasterBasstone Music07:09Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 9Crazy For Your LoveElectro - Pop - Dance - Club, Party. Get geared up and head to the club with huge kicks, snappy claps, phat synths, and thick bass. Sexy female vocals heat up the dance floor while oscillating polysynths, trippy theremin and mc vox soar above. POI at 1:16 piano break leads into electric guitars bridge to switch it up. Back to the main infectious theme to keep the party amped! 136 BPM. Full Mix Vocal.Electro Pop Party - Up All Night Dance MusicNon-Stop Producer Series02:28Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 6Anime the KidHardcore Electronic, Electronica, Glitch. This tune is filled with electronic genius. Starting with a satisfying hardcore drumbeat. A sweet pulsating synth joins in on the party. A second synth gets fuzzy and the two go back and forth showing off some mad skills. There is a sick, as in awesome, muffled synth that starts quiet then grows with intensity starting at :45. Ends with a very nice exploding crash. Hardcore ElectronicGravity01:41Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1Electric ShowerDance - Electronica - Atmospheric. A delicate, digital downpour, electronica washes over you. Full Mix.Metric MasterBasstone Music06:04Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 16Beyond IbizaTechno - Electronica - Club. Exploding intro for this dance/techno track. Brassy synth leads with funky, synth reverses and strings. 126 bpm. Full Mix.Dance 2 - Dance, House, Club BeatsNon-Stop Producer Series02:10Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 19Squeaky CleanDance - Electronica - Club. Creative percussion instruments highlight this driving, fun dance track with squeaky clean synth lead. 130 bpm. Full Mix.Dance 2 - Dance, House, Club BeatsNon-Stop Producer Series02:00Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 10Street ProwlerThe freaks come out at night. Kicking off with slowly building dark synths, monster bass stabs and huge electronic percussion this sonic prowler hits its full stride at :44 with pummeling electro drums, call and answer bass shots and dramatic synth lines. Rise FX and arpeggiating polysynths bring even more energy and the danger is unleashed. Bass crusher! Electronic - Dance - Action - Sports - Electro, Electro House. 128 BPM. Full Mix.Autobahn - High Octane ElectronicNon-Stop Producer Series02:18Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 3Dawn PatrolHardcore Electronic, Electronica, Techno. This tune should have a high intensity warning sign; it's not for the fragile listener so press play at your own risk. Alarming synth mixed with a slapping steady beat. Surprisingly calm at :25 then unleashes a continuous screaming synth. Calms again at about 1:00 only to return to some dangerous fired up beats. Hardcore ElectronicGravity01:58Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1Bleeping NaughtyChirping electronic tones scale walls of club-style programmed drums and dirty, erotic synth bass. An avant-garde, exotic feel with a stylish hedonistic overtone and an atmospheric glow. Version - Full MixLiving LifestylePromo Accelerator02:18Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 44Old Skool DanceDancefloor mash up with hypnotic synths. Obsessive & punchy. 30SecA Day And Night In ParisInfini00:30Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 3En VoguePulsing chords on a fat happy disco groove with poppy sounds. Filtered intro @ 0'16. Percs break @ 1'08. Driving & punchy. A Day And Night In ParisInfini02:16Click to view album tracks
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February 19, 2014
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