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Saint Valentin

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Track Title   Composer   Duration   Disc Number   Track   
Play Add Download Memphis Kind Of WayJerry Williams (BMI) 100% 02:22AZ00215
Play Add Download First Rendez-VousAlain Weiller (SACEM) 100%02:56INF00116
Play Add Download Sexy LadyStephan Sechi (ASCAP) 100%01:49GA01712
Play Add Download Early Morning BluesChris Wells (PRS) 100%03:18BME0021
Play Add Download Amor Divino Divine LoveByron Brizuela (ASCAP) 50%, Carlos Ramirez (ASCAP) 50%02:19RV20032
Play Add Download Love RememberedGreg Hansen (BMI) 100%02:36NSPSHEA025
Play Add Download Neighborhood TrolleyPat Rickey (BMI) 100%01:41PFF1124
Play Add Download LegendaryLisle Moore (ASCAP) 100%03:29NSPSTTT013
Play Add Download BurlesqueRichard Friedman (ASCAP) 100% 01:37NSPS1312
Play Add Download Let's GoJanet Griffin (BMI) 100% 02:05SFL11961
Play Add Download Dream 7Claude McKnight (BMI) 50% , Brandon Barnes (ASCAP) 50% 01:42SFL-AC-0022
Play Add Download With YouMichael Todd Bearden (ASCAP) 100%03:54TL0837
Play Add Download My Love My FriendJon Cotton (PRS) 33.34%, Ben Niblett (PRS) 33.33%, Christopher Tye (No Affiliation) 33.33%02:09CAR42815
Play Add Download Nobody Knows How To Love YouHal David (ASCAP) 50%, John Cacavas (ASCAP) 50%02:46CAR4253
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February 12, 2013
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