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Play Add Download 18Finding FreedomFolky electro beats - happy to be alive 60SecV.AnthemsV-The Production Library01:02
Play Add Download 7Fragile WorldFROZEN EMOTIONS Wondrous darting piano arpeggios. Translucent ephemeral beauty. The Enigma RoomCPM02:31
Play Add Download 3Missive AccomplishedBell melodies and harmonium combine for a lullaby feel over shaker, guitar harmonics and clapping percussion with lots of atypical rhythmic elements. Version - Full MixMoments Of Life615 Platinum Series02:11
Play Add Download 1ElevationINSPIRED TRIUMPHS Gentle guitar grows little by little to euphoric climax Simple Building Big RockCPM02:31
Play Add Download 7Light Up My WorldRAW REVIVALS Bright, full of life post-punk pop sensation Simple Building Big RockCPM02:10
Play Add Download 6Praise PusherTAKE THE ROOF OFF Evangelistic twist. How long before you see the light Electro SwingCPM02:54
Play Add Download 1One WorldExtraordinary Simplicity - A delicate introduction. Interweaving female voices and plucked strings builds to wonderous crescendo @ 1:10 Friendly Little StoriesCPM01:44
Play Add Download 3Creative MechanismExtraordinary Simplicity - Propulsive, lively piano and strings. Elements converge @ 1'24 to create The Big Idea Friendly Little StoriesCPM01:58
Play Add Download 10Treasure GardenWistful traditional Chinese theme with authentic instruments and light orchestra.World Adventure 3Metro00:31
Play Add Download 2User FriendlyA folky acoustic track with shaker, acoustic guitar and ukulele leading the way. Bell tones and vocal pads join in for a glossy effect with a good-natured, happy feel. Easy-going and carefree with a hospitable feel that anyone can appreciate. Version - Full MixSocial Media615 Platinum Series02:13
Play Add Download 6Chat It UpA cheerful, peppy, light sounding music bed with glistening glockenspiel notes shimmering over easy-going acoustic guitar, accordion and piano. Drums and handclaps join in for an overall positive sound effect with infectious vocals adding a glossy feel. Version - Full MixSocial Media615 Platinum Series02:22
Play Add Download 21FancifulBright chasing light nature feel solo piano 30SecSolo Piano - Landscapes New AgeCPM00:33
Play Add Download 8Sub Human StepsA scary journey into the depths of evil. Heavy guitar swells and ticking percussion are joined by ghostly ambience and lead into a driving track of pulsing bass and sinister effects straight from the tomb. Version - Full MixCyber Crime Vol. 2Ultimate Crime & Drama01:39
Play Add Download 1Out Of This WorldEPIC QUESTS Swash-buckling big screen movie adventure. Experience The AdventureCPM04:44
Play Add Download 4Gimme Moe Moe MoeCommercial - Promo - Program, Kitsch. Hey yo, check out my boy on the bass groovin' like no other while lively percussion and crisp indie electric guitars pluck and glide over the uptempo rock steady beat. Groovy! POI :36 harmonized guitar lead keeps you locked into the good times while playful chimes and piano bring up the rear! Gimme Moe!! 165 BPM. Full MixCommercial Lingerie 8 - The Ultimate Commercial Treasure ChestNon-Stop Producer Series01:02
Play Add Download 3On Better SeasFolk Pop. Positive energetic tune with big beats and happy clapping. Fun guitar and busy banjo invite a supportive piano to join with them. Mellows then builds again with a running deep bass at 1:40.Of Seafarers and HomelandsGroove Addicts02:27
Play Add Download 8Dog ParkRock. Playful and organic. This jam starts out with harp and rootsy acoustic guitars. The groove plays on with bass, piano and claps. Positive-rock. The choruses culminate with soaring lead guitar lines and strings. POI at 1:36 Staccato string buildup to climax. 150 bpm. Full Mix.Rock Utopia - Positive, Uptempo, Moody RockNon-Stop Producer Series02:21
Play Add Download 7Iberian WindSerious intense emotive strings features Oud and wind fx. Cinematic & poignant. Green MovementInfini01:53
Play Add Download 1PoesieSweet & romantic piano melody. Contemplative, tender & delicate. Acoustic AtmosphereInfini02:16
Play Add Download 3SundayBeautiful, reflective & moving theme. Dreamy acoustic guitar duet. Cello. Acoustic AtmosphereInfini02:58
Play Add Download 1Positively ChargedUplifting euphoric anthem - grand slam success ClubologyCPM03:03
Play Add Download 11Sunset BeachRock - Pop. California here we come! Shimmering guitars, thick electro synth bass and a steady four on the floor groove kick off this glamorous, feel-good, retro/hip/new-wave summer anthem. Palm trees, ocean breeze and beautiful people are all around as smooth vocals, playful synths and sweet percussion keep the positive vibrations flowing. POI at 1:13 vibey sax solo with cool percussion and smooth vocals take you to the place you want to be, Sunset Beach! 106 bpm. Full Mix.Sounds of Summer - Timeless Summertime Pop RockNon-Stop Producer Series02:36
Play Add Download 3Road Trip Motel BluesBlues. Acoustic swampy blues guitar leads out with a steady beat and groovy harmonica. Slide guitar steals the show halfway through the tune but not for long. The harmonica takes it at 1:20. Impressive blues ending. Rock - Blues. Full Mix.Feel Good BluesWho Did That Music02:21
Play Add Download 3Trap Or TreatHaunting organ progressions over trippy, upbeat electronic beats while high pitched ethereal synths effects hover above like specters. Version - Full MixEDM TrapMinimal Music01:56
Play Add Download 8Rossini William Tell Mov4 FinaleClassical - Orchestral Works. Gioachino Rossini's widely popular William Tell Overture from his final opera William Tell. Fourth movement Finale (March of the Swiss Soldiers) Full Mix.Orchestral Works Vol 4 Grieg RossiniEMH Classical Music Library03:41
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September 19, 2013
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