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Action Heroes

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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13AL001The CompanyYour path has been laid before you. Judgement day is upon us. An orchestral crossbreed with industrial rock bloodlines and dark, distorted guitars with electronically infused soundscapes. A powerful, disturbing, percussive rise crescendos to a dissonant frenzy then fades into eternal darkness as quickly as it came. Action - Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 80 BPM. Full Mix.02:45Yoni Gileadi (BMI) 50% , Amy Gileadi (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13AZ043Material WitnessA bewitching piano solo entices you behind enemy lines with edgy sound design and tonal elements. Our hero emerges at 0:49 with sublime string lines soaring above rock guitars, sliced drum beats, reversed sound design effects and industrial ambiance. Peace is restored as a dejected repeating piano motif narrates this tragic and triumphant tale. Drama - Suspense, Rock. 110 BPM. Full Mix.02:29Rhett Nelson (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15NSPS146The Big ScoreFeel the power of this explosive, heavy, classic rock anthem raging with biting guitars, bombastic drums, frenzied organ and tense brass stabs. POI at :50 syncopated break preps you for the no holds barred/take no prisoners guitar freak-out at 1:21 screaming to the heavens while impassioned choir "ahhs"; build to a stunning ending. THE BIG SCORE! Period - Rock, Funk. 95/190 BPM. Full Mix01:48Stephan Michael Sechi (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks10AL002The Shot RemixA heavy, filtered, frantic tom intro with big percussion hits creates tension and hints at the coming chase. Low, growling synths create an underlying tension while seething darkness unknown joins heavy guitars. Epic drums drive into a disturbing breakdown with glitchy, ethnic elements. The energy steadily rises into a heavy, dark, guitar driven anthemic rock passage and screaming synths for a colossal finish. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 138 BPM. Full Mix.01:57Ryan Boud (BMI) 50% , Yoni Gileadi (BMI) 25% , Amy Gileadi (ASCAP) 25%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9AL001Cardinal DeceptionAll that stands between you and eternal glory is one final, epic battle for your soul. Heavy Percussive action immediately carries you to your boiling point with larger than life guitars and a gritty Industrial rock vibe. A unnerving breakdown lets you catch your breath before the final drive and orchestral rise. Action - Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 70 BPM. Full Mix.02:20Yoni Gileadi (BMI) 50% , Amy Gileadi (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1NSPSRIN02Inside JobDrama - Rock - Tension. Edgy, dramatic, intrigue filled, power rock track with cool orchestral highlights. POI: Intrigue, espionage setup 0-0:43. Hero entrance theme 0:43-1:26. Pullback reload 1:26-1:57. Full on driving build 1:57-2:46. 180 bpm02:48Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks19NSPSRIN01Taken For The PainDrama - Rock - Tension. Whirlwind rock orchestra driven with a vengeance. POI: Blast Intro 0-0:20, Guitar Setup 0:20-0:23, Full on Drive 0:23-0:43, Drive 2 Build 0:43-1:13, Smash Layer Build 1:13-1:53, Glory Payoff 1:53-2:17. Uses: Sports, Action Trailers, Ultimate Fighting, X Games. 132 bpm. Full Mix.02:21Mark Moore (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks36AM12Valhalla RisingAction, Orchestra, Strings, Intense, Thriller, Dark, Building, Cinematic, Fast, Driving, Rock, Hybrid, Electronica, Rocktronica, Orchestra, Orchestral, Choir, Choral, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Underscore, Heavy Metal, Horns Blasts, Intense, Huge, Epic, Big Outro, Dissonant Strings, Gothic. Dark - Thriller, Hybrid, Epic, Rock. Full Mix.03:44Kevin Rix (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1TRX067To The MaxDance & Electronica - Action - Rock, Film Trailer, Extreme, Sports. Full Mix. BPM 170.02:04G. Small (BUMA) 50%, F. Gerard (BUMA) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1NSPS138Monday Night MadnessRock - Trailer. Take a deep breath and open up this can of sonic whoop-ass featuring galvanizing guitars, monstrous rock drums and bombastic distorted bass! POI at :27 a huge, majestic brass section cuts through adding a powerful and victorious tone while POI at :52 gorgeous strings soar above pushing you higher. Bubbling, oscillating synths play over sweeping, filtered, tension fx taking this thrilling, cinematic rocker to the stratosphere! Full Mix. 75/150 bpm.01:49Michael John Gordon (BMI) 50% , Adam Mark Gubman (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2NSPS117Knuckle SandwichRock - Metal. A detuned, distorted, tough-as-nails riff kicks off this fist-pumping rocker. POI at :15 Blistering drums and mean, growling bass join the fight and lock you into the mammoth march. Pulverizing metal madness! 126 bpm. Full Mix.00:36Mark Moore (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5NSPS136DazedRock - Epic - Hard. A hooky, distorted and delayed electric guitar sounds the alarm with a hypnotic riff to open up this gripping rocker. Tight drums, gritty guitars and big bass join in to seal the deal with commanding force. POI at :46 musical release with soaring solo and syncopated hits bring the track to a stunning ending. Bright Lights! Full Mix. 104 bpm.01:11David Kos Rolfe (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6GAS014Titan StepSinister, aggressive and larger than life action! Dubstep beats collide with metal guitars, the results; dark, brutal, majestic and energised. Powerful, slow motion grooves and writhing rock guitars, plus sparse distorted, spiky riffs and emotive washing chords. Positivity enters in the middle section in the form of a major key change, phew that's a relief! A track equally suited for sport, tension or for any epic battle scene! Dubstep - Metal. 140 BPM. Full.02:15Alexander Salter (APRA) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks25AZ049Truth IsAcoustic guitar strumming with a mellow male vocal lead erupts into an explosive vocal mob chorus with heavy dubstep rock anthem vocals. Guitar combines with a tron flute layer, electric guitars and percussion as they build in tension and energy before launching you into the ionosphere.01:45Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7AZ048The ShizVintage swagger goes pop with a smart and snappy big beat twist. Huge horn stabs and a funky guitar build in energy until the big beat kicks in. Motown threw some serious stank all over this one. Boogie down with some crazy action as you strut across Vegas.01:44Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6GA013What The DinkDrop tuning heavy metal guitars and double kick drums with a soft half time feel on the bridge. Angry and aggressive groove with occasional vocal screams. Rock - Hard Rock - Alternative. Full Mix.02:02Phil Xenidis (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5AM16HenchmenModern, Rock, Action, Epic, Hybrid, Guitar and Drum Slams, Middle Eastern Strings, Monster Percussion, Pounding, Driving, Choral @ 1:45. Epic Rock - Hybrid Guitar Rock. Full Mix.02:09Kevin Rix (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2AZ051Hollow PointA mammoth beat made of spare robotics, toxic waste barrels and a super heavy bass and guitar riff. A massive rise at the end leads to some serious percussive punctuation. Action - Thriller, Suspense. 120 BPM. Full Mix.01:29Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11AZ051VadoseA primal mix of strings, world beats, tribal percussion and intrigue. A simple, small string ensemble moves through huge drums, stomps, claps, and other ambient effects building tension. A large rise to the end with a dark drone leaves a lingering sense of mystery. Drama - World. 120 BPM. Full Mix.02:18Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks31X005ZeusShake mortals! This epic, cinematic bruiser crashes down with electrifying brass stabs, racing strings, colossal drums and tense electronic fx creating immense panic. POI @ 1:16 the tone changes to a soaring, victorious theme marching with melodic piano, plucked strings and majestic brass for a heroic finish. Drama - Orchestral. 72/130 BPM. Full Mix.02:02Mark Moore (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2IG024A Hero In YouOptimistic battlefield. Begins with epic growing, simple string chords. Epic drums throughout the song. Picks up with more moving string parts that drive you onward. Brass joins at the end, giving a triumphant ending. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.01:01Stephen Anderson (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5IG024Hell And BackAdventurous and determined. The choir takes the main focus with the strings and drums helping them along. The tension slowly builds up to the final ending chord. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.01:02Omar Fadel (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6IG024Mighty ThorMajestic. This song is characterized by its grand orchestral and choral hits. Meanwhile, constant dancing strings keep the piece moving. Decisive ending. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.01:00Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks21IG024Ranking OfficerElectric guitar and rock beat combine with strings to start off to give a sense of action. Choir joins in at 0:17, building at 0:36, adding a more epic feel to the song. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.01:03Omar Fadel (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks24IG024Spartan RisingTense and fast, like a punch in the face. Powerful beat begins, providing a formidable mood to the piece. Striking choir, brass and strings join the fray at 0:17. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.01:06Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9SCR009Chase By FootTension, Crime, Thriller, Trailer. Score - Film. 130 BPM. Full.02:09G. Small (BUMA) 50% , F. Gerard (BUMA) 50%
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January 31, 2014
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