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Trailer Magical

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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks27Neverending StoryMagical, adventurous, dark fun, quirky heroic orchestra; Dramatic climax ending. Fantasy Adventure. Full Mix.Richard Friedman (ASCAP) 100%The Platinum Series 4 - LabyrinthNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100%AudioMachine01:43
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4The SorceressStep inside the dark, enchanted and thrilling world of The Sorceress bejeweled with impassioned choir, haunted strings, magical bells, proud brass and echoing orchestral percussion, all sonically sleuthing under a stealthy violin lead! Tense, mysterious and dynamic!John B. Hancock (ASCAP) 100% Adventure FantastíqueNon Stop Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% Non-Stop Premiere01:06
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1The Old WorldNobel quest across land and time. Featuring ethereal female with choir entry at 0:48. Rise at 1:10Udi Harpaz (BMI) 50% , Rotem Moav (BMI) 50% Epic MythologyCPM Music Limited (PRS) 100%CPM01:57
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9UnraveledThis epic, enchanted fantasy/adventure piece begins with magical bells, dark mischievous strings and deep brass stabs. The playful waltz shifts into a POI @ :49 frantic orchestra/brass call and answer section with racing strings and powerful cinematic percussion slowly increasing the danger and intensity to a stunning apex. Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 150 BPM. Full Mix.Chance Thomas (BMI) 100% Grand - CineMagical AdventureNon-Stop International Music Publishing (BMI) 100% Non-Stop Producer Series02:08
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5A Magical JourneyFilled with wonder and excitement created by emotionally building strings, brass and percussion.Christopher Westlake (BMI) 100% ImaginationTen Cents Publishing (BMI) 100% Tenth Dimension03:01
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4World Of WizardsDIABOLICAL CRUCIBLES An apprentice sorcerer accidentally conjures up a whole storm of trouble. Building, magical adventure. Oded Tzur (BMI) 100% Devilish DelightsCPM Music Limited (PRS) 100%CPM02:02
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks23Mad HatterMysterious, magical, dark, fantasy, fun, rambunctious chase orchestra, aggressive stabbing brass; Big back end. Fantasy Adventure. Full Mix.Mike Patti (ASCAP) 100%The Platinum Series 4 - LabyrinthNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100%AudioMachine01:43
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3The Marvelous Wizardeerie piano intro, subtle swells. turning into a magical orchestral wizardry score with strings and brass - 140 BPM, Full MixDominik Alexander Hecker (BMI) 100% Fantasy & Adventure StoriesEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% Elbroar02:32
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks15Sidus RelumeThere are said to be many lost souls of warriors with unfinished business out in the marrow. Haunting choir along with strong brass and percussion help take this cue to another world. Trailer - Orchestral - Epic. Medium. No Choir.Jonas Ostermann (ASCAP) 34% , Levin Olsen (BMI) 40% , Ronni Shaw (ASCAP) 26% Dark KingdomBLOODY GLORY MUSIC (ASCAP) 25% , Bermuseek (BMI) 15% , Lehrman Music (ASCAP) 10% , Groove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 50% Glory Oath + Blood01:30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks22In The AirAction - Fantasy. Desperate violins play while mysterious bells and haunting brass set an immediate suspicious tone. Orchestral drums bring tension and danger. The dynamics keep you on your toes, never knowing what's coming next. Wild brass stabs, soaring strings and bombastic drums take you to an exhausting climax! Full Mix.Nathan Hofheins (ASCAP) 100%Premiere Adventure 3Non-Stop Outrageous (ASCAP) 100%Non-Stop Premiere02:28
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks24Magic CarpetA story book opening glides into a musical backdrop filled of vibrant tones and splashes of pastel nuances. A ride on the magic carpet takes you through a world of musical swoops and crescendos that soar higher and higher to a climactic finish. Fantasy - Trailer. 47 BPM. No Choir.Tony Dilorenzo (ASCAP) 100% Fantasy 1Amphibious Zoo Music International (ASCAP) 100% Amphibious Zoo02:35
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Mayhem MarchOrchestral - Fantasy - Modern. A modern version of Tchaikovsky's Marche Slave; light, fantasy, magical introduction leads into a frantic, action-themed arrangement with full orchestra, brass and percussion with big build and dramatic finish. Full Mix.Nathan Hofheins (ASCAP) 100%Evolution - Powerful Classics RebornNon Stop Outrageous (ASCAP) 100%Non-Stop Producer Series02:30
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1In A Dream WorldMystical magical floating fantasy Sarah Fogg (PRS) 100%Vocal Textures FantasyCRML Limited (PRS) 100%CPM03:10
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Dream DustA Magical orchestra with lots of shimmering bell percussion, choir and string flourishes. The song begins with choir over celeste and harp and slowly builds with low strings. The piece slowly speeds up and crescendos to a hit ending with a repeat of the. Version - Full MixAndrew Keresztes (BMI) 100% Children's Fantasy and AdventureScoring Stage Music (BMI) 100% Scoring Stage01:41
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks456Platinum Sky (Key of A)Texture, Light, Hopeful, Sun Kissed, Magical, Enchanting, Pixie Dust, Sustained, Pad. Scapes - Soundscapes. Full Mix.Paul Dinletir (ASCAP) 100% Tools of the Trade - Tones, Textures and TransitionsNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100% AudioMachine00:25
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March 15, 2018
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