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Play Add Download 4Dark Rituals AKILLING TIME Ominously deep dark arts The Fear InfernoCPM00:47Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 5Zero HourDrama - Soundtrack - Drama. Gradual building percussion as the strings bring it to the front of this intense electronica beat. A melodic choir anchors the final ending of this track. Mood shifts at :36, :54, 1:03, and 1:21 Medium. Full Mix.Full Tilt Volume 2Full Tilt01:53Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 42RedemptionDrama - Soundtrack - Trailer. Intense modern beat with moody string, into passionate choir finale. Med-Slow. Full Mix.Full Tilt Volume 1Full Tilt01:28Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 17Drone ZoneCALM BEFORE THE STORM Ominous drone with bewitching percs. Low pad, strings & Fx. Risky infiltration. Disturbing & angst. Modern WarInfini01:54Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 7DeceptionElectronic - Orchestral - Action. Dark and uneasy tension wraps around you with filtered effected cinematic and electronic percussion, minimal textures and distorted colors. POI :47 a huge dirty beat breaks through and chase is on. Transistor noised and sweeping cinematic fx keep you on your toes. POI 1:18 A distorted electro bass blasts through the mix while electric guitars swell in and take you to the end of this dark thrilling ride!The Dark SideAudioActive02:26Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 15Forensics ExaminerIntense and powerful, pitched percussion investigates a chamber of spooky, ambient sound effects. Version - Full MixForensic InvestigationUltimate Crime & Drama01:11Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 19WidowmakerProduction Elements - Trailer - Sound Design. Rhythmic beat that intensifies any cinematic situation. Med-Slow. Full Mix.Trailer Tools Volume 3AFull Tilt00:51Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 3TakedownProduction Elements - Trailer - Sound Design. Distorted sounds and slow paced powerful drum beat with a rise at the end. Slow. Full Mix.Trailer Tools Volume 3AFull Tilt00:58Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 9ImmortalsProduction Elements - Trailer - Sound Design. Tribal and natural rhythmic percussion beat. Med-Slow. Full Mix.Trailer Tools Volume 3AFull Tilt01:01Click to view album tracks
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January 20, 2014
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