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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1One Way BackRide the wind with inspiring piano, invigorating strings, driving bass, acoustic guitar, brass and lively drums in this refreshing, moving cinematic piece. POI @ 2:22 exhilarating finale with full orchestra and jubilant brass. Uplifting and spirited. Trailer - Orchestral, Adventure. 82 BPM. Full Mix.Rhett Nelson (ASCAP) 100% Glory - Achieving GreatnessNon-Stop Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% Non-Stop Premiere03:23
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Work It HarderDirty big room EDM anthem featuring uplifting breakdowns and with energetic workout pay off.Mark Franklin (PRS) 80% , Eddie Marston (PRS) 20% Electric AnthemsCPM Music Limited (PRS) 100%CPM03:02
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13Hyper Cheerpositive, energetic & enthusiastic dance pop. cheerful claps, vocal samples, guitar, synth, fx, drum beat. dynamic, catchy - 150 BPM, Full MixSteve Hopkins (ASCAP) 100% Kids & ComedyEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 50% ; Edition Phenom Music (GEMA) 50% Elbroar02:25
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4CountdownWe're bringing the hits with this club-ready, urban, electro-pop dance gem bouncing with pumping side-chained synths, hooky synth chords, thick bass and relentless 4 on the floor drums. Slick and soulful male vocals get the crowd hyped while funky, disco guitars and tight synth stabs dance over the hypnotic groove. Are you ready? Pop - Dance - Urban - Electronic, Club Music. 130 BPM. Full Mix.Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 100% Vocal Hits 3 - CrushedNon-Stop International Music Publishing (BMI) 100% Non-Stop Producer Series03:59
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3True LoveElectronic dance with hypnotic synth, dreamy wave-like swooshes and summer club vibeStefan Schnabel (BMI) 100% Electro Heartbeats - medical tension, gameshows & fashionWarner/Chappell Production Music GmbH (GEMA) 100% Perfect Pitch02:33
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Hands In The AirThis electrifying, "hands-up"; dance anthem ignites with pounding drums, pulsing bass, hyped synths and powerful, hooky diva vocals. POI @ :45 blippy, electro verse builds the pressure and rises to the infectious drop/hook that commands you to go big! Don't stop! Dance - Pop, Electro-Pop. 127 BPM. Full Mix.Daniel Joshua Holyoak (BMI) 100% Electro Pop Party 2 - Dance NowNon-Stop International Music Publishing (BMI) 100% Non-Stop Producer Series02:44
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Para DigitalClub, Dance, Electro, Energetic, Groovy, Driving, Upbeat, DJ, Electronica, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer, Fashion, Lifestyle, Action, Sports, Fast, Dirty Dutch, TranceG. Small (BUMA) 50% , F. Gerard (BUMA) 50% Production TRX 022TRX Music Publishing (BUMA) 100% Production TRX00:45
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1Positively ChargedUplifting euphoric anthem - grand slam success Paul Emanuel (PRS) 100%ClubologyCRML Limited (PRS) 100%CPM03:03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2Party At Maracas Bayfun and amusement, a tropical sunset party at Maracas Bay, colorful drinks, laughter and good company, with 4-to-the-floor bass drum - A major, 120 BPM, Full MixTy Ardis (GEMA) 100% Steel Drum CruiseEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% Elbroar02:58
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks3Going Out With A BangThis high energy, dance club pop anthem invites you to live in the moment and party all night long. The catchy chorus, female vocals, prominent bass, driving, energetic drums, electro effects and a poly-synth lead go out with a bang.Keely Hawkes (PRS) 50% , James O'Brien (BMI) 50% Electro Pop 2Amphibious Zoo Music International (ASCAP) 50% , Amphibious Zoo Music Worldwide (BMI) 50% Amphibious Zoo03:32
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13Optimistic New YearThis track takes all the sounds you love from Christmas and morphs them into a positive sounding, celebratory New Year's music bed. Happy and confident with a bell-like sparkle and a sense of excitement. Version - Full MixPhraze (BMI) 50% , Todd Andrew (BMI) 50% HappyRandy Berg Music (BMI) 100% Minimal Music01:38
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks9Take It BackAmorously feel good, soulful retro pop. Laidback opening groove leads into elated chorus driving by happy vocals.Louise Dowd (PRS) 50% , Jeremy Abbott (PRS) 50% V.EvergreenV The Production Library Limited (PRS) 50% , V The Production Library Limited (PRS) 50% V-The Production Library02:15
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks17The ClockThriller - Ticking percussive opening, slow serious heavy cavernous hits, tense urban atmosphere features vox fx and handclaps. Benjamin Olszewski (GEMA) 50%, David Sobol (GEMA) 50%Zeitlupe - Slow Motion ThemesNeue Welt Musikverlag Gmbh & CoPerfect Pitch03:37
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks5Royal FireworksFull orchestra. Fanfare, majestic and bold. Stately processional. Performed by City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Classical - Symphonies. 72 BPM. Full Mix.G.F. Handel (PD) 0% , Edwin Merrill Hinckley (Arranger) (BMI) 100% Orchestra Works Vol 1Mutineer Tunes Worldwide (BMI) 100% EMH Classical Music Library08:29
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks33New Years EveLight restful romantic folk ballad female vocals VoxAndy West (PRS) 100%Christmas TreatsCRML Limited (PRS) 100%CPM02:00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks46Auld Lang SyneMedium tempo light tinkling introduction to traditional nostalgic orchestral New Years song Steve Wickford (Arranger) (PRS) 50%, John Beckenham (Arranger) (PRS) 50%The Christmas AlbumCRML Limited (PRS) 100%CPM01:46
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March 15, 2018
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