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Play Add Download 1Beautiful LandsBroad panoramc nostalgic western pastoral orchestral Cowboys Western UsaCPM Archive Series03:59Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 20Home On The RangeEase back in your rocking chair and enjoy the sweet sounds of this patriotic country/western classic filled with cooing harmonica, lazy guitars, warm bass and swingin' mandolin. Bright accordion adds the finishing touch. This is big sky country! Traditional - Patriotic - Americana - Country, Western. 90 BPM. Full Mix.Americana Patriotic - Songs From The HeartlandNon-Stop Producer Series02:14Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 31Western HomeMedium tempo USA Western cowboy wagon train settlers pastoral panoramic strings and woodwind Western Usa - PanoramaCPM Archive Series00:45Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 3High NoonHarmonica, snare drum, and sparse foreboding timpani hits foreshadow a dangerous duel. Isolated sounding with long undertone string notes menacingly droning underneath while percussion slowly builds throughout preparing for the gun battle that is to ensu. Version - Full MixSpaghetti WesternKingsize01:34Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1Lone RiderA low rumble leads into galloping drums and acoustic guitar taking you on a Wild West adventure. With a lonesome whistle melody shifts into a rich cowboy guitar theme with choir and strings casting a dangerous shadow that can only be faced by one. Version - Full MixSpaghetti WesternKingsize01:36Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 4Spanish GuitarsA melancholy Spanish guitar track with roots from South of the Rio Grande. Slow guitar phrases with a sad, desperate feel build with added strings, guitar and choir while holding on to their heritage with downhearted trumpet melodies. Version - Full MixSpaghetti WesternKingsize02:04Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 21The Wild WestMedium tempo proud powerful Cowboy USA Western panoramic large orchestra strong percussion Music For The Movies - 2CPM02:30Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 9My Old Kentucky HomeSlow tempo reflective solo acoustic guitar playing Cowboy campfire style Well Known TunesCPM Archive Series01:49Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 16Cowboy WaltzMedium slow tempo reflective blues / waltz features slide guitar acoustic guitar Bottleneck And Electric GuitarCPM03:09Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 66Cowboy TrailMajestic opening to relaxed movement features harmonica whistler and clip clop effects 30SecAltv1Cowboys Western UsaCPM Archive Series00:34Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1Cattle RanchMedium tempo broad panoramic Cowboy theme features strings and brass Western USA Western Usa - PanoramaCPM Archive Series03:05Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 3Scenic PasturesSlow gentle restful pastoral orchestral landscape features brass strings and woodwind Cowboys Western UsaCPM Archive Series02:40Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 84Saloon BarUp tempo bouncy saloon Western honky tonk bar room solo piano Western Usa - PanoramaCPM Archive Series02:30Click to view album tracks
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January 20, 2014
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