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Play Add Download 2PrevailHard underground rap cut. Has a West Indian interlude. Version - Full MixInner CityKingsize01:42Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 2Love To The BeatTechno Driven rap straight from the club. Powerful house beats and pulsing synth textures fill the room with an overwhelming dance groove with slick, fast rhymes flowing overtop. Siren samples add an urgent, over-the-top party appeal. Version - With VocalsHip-Hop Vol. 3615 Platinum Series02:49Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1Arm And A LegMenacing and rough-edged east-coast style rap with dramatic orchestral textures. A dirty sounding kick drum pushes through a street-smart, punchy wall of sound with orchestral strings, ominous choir samples, and a swaggering rap delivery. Version - With VocalsHip-Hop Vol. 3615 Platinum Series03:44Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1Rock All NightAiry, bright and super-energetic! An all night, non-stop party track with candy coated vocals and pumping Electro-Hop beats. Breathy synth filters rise in the background as effected vocals crank out the sticky chorus leading into playfully tough rap. No. Version - Full Mix With VocalsPartySpecial Request Library03:05Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 1I'm RichUrban - Rap - Two Step, Thug. Hardcore, street, hip hop track, battle-style synth lines with in-your-face male and female Rap. Hot clubbin' strings and hard hitting low end. 82 bpm. Full Mix.Hip Hop 2 - Ghetto, Urban, Club, Hip HopNon-Stop Producer Series03:06Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 11How I'm LivingDark, minor sounding synth lines join up with ominous sounding string stabs for a menacing, thug rap track. Sexy, yet tough with racy lyrics, dirty, raw beats and street-smart attitude. Version - With VocalsHip-Hop Vol. 3615 Platinum Series02:45Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 9Ain't That Kinda PartyA rebellious, energetic, and fiery east-coast style party track with a thuggish, street attitude mixed with slick synth textures. A major key chorus sound with swirling synth tetures lightens the vibe from an otherwise edgy, tough track. Version - With VocalsHip-Hop Vol. 3615 Platinum Series03:03Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 3Somos LatinosLatin - Urban - Hip Hop. Male and Female pounding vocals, strings, hard core hip-hop beat with a Latino flare. 86 bpm. Full Mix.Hot Latin Pop - Latin Pop Styles Bachata Cumbia MerengueNon-Stop Producer Series02:42Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 73Under The HoodHip Hop - East Coast. Rollin' down the street in my64, the bass is bumpin' and the hydraulics are pumpin'. Dark and deep hip hop cue with orchestral percussion. Full Mix Full Mix.Dramatic CommercialsIgnite01:02Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 13Gotham TownIt's a dark night as our superhero friends bounces from building to building. Dark synths below positive strings and groovy hip hop drum beat paint the perfect city nighttime backdrop for our hero. Version - Full MixHip Hop DramaMinimal Music02:11Click to view album tracks
Play Add Download 14In LovePop - Rap - Hip Hop. Boisterous, raspy female vocals with heartfelt honest lyrics, electronic lead, relentless hip pop beat, banging' bass with an amazing, skillful female rap. 146 bpm. Full Mix.Top Ten Pop 1 - Electro Rock, Dance, PopNon-Stop Producer Series03:09Click to view album tracks
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January 20, 2014
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