Love On The Island

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Play Add Download Click to view album tracksCAR438Positively ChargedUplifting euphoric anthem - grand slam success Paul Emanuel (PRS) 100%03:03
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksNSPS256Embrace LightLit up with hyped, half-time energy and positive vibrations this effervescent electronic/edm track explodes with shimmering synths, punchy drums, deep bass, kinetic arpeggios and playful mallet keys creating a fresh and euphoric sound. #EmbraceLight #JumpDaniel Joshua Holyoak (BMI) 100% 02:11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksCAR462Work It HarderDirty big room EDM anthem featuring uplifting breakdowns and with energetic workout pay off.Mark Franklin (PRS) 80% , Eddie Marston (PRS) 20% 03:02
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksCAR499Feel The LoveEnergise that well-being side. Upbeat and glowing EDM house anthem with catchy vox textures and beaming marimba riff.Paul Whitehead (PRS) 100% 02:16
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksNSPS230SWEATYou know you want it! Get hyped with this hard-hittin' dancefloor smasher filled with punchy brass stabs, huge EDM drums, big bass, slick synths and bouncy piano! So FRESH!Joseph Gileadi (BMI) 100% 02:45
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksNSPS191Soft MachinesThis super-catchy, exhilarating EDM/techno/trance anthem pops with uplifting piano, bright playful synths, massive bass and electrifying dance drums. POI @ :44 a woozy, beautiful bridge/rise with pulsing bass and magical synth plucks/arps leads into the big drop @ 1:15 for a huge finish! Uplifting, positive and fresh! Electronica/Dance/Techno/Club - EDM, Electronic. 128 BPM. Full Mix.Daniel Joshua Holyoak (BMI) 100% 02:04
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksV154Hype BeastUncompromising and powerful electro pop. Electrifying synth bass with stormy beats. Drop and build at 1:16Louise Dowd (PRS) 50% , Jeremy Abbott (PRS) 50% 02:41
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksTRX138Air UpGenuine Dutch club music. The way EDM meant to sound.G. Small (BUMA) 50% , F. Gerard (BUMA) 50% 02:57
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksV154UtopianGloriously uplifting, hands-in-the-air indie EDM. Mix of dreamy guitars and upfront big synth style house beats.Louise Dowd (PRS) 50% , Jeremy Abbott (PRS) 50% 02:09
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksCAR499World Of LightConquer the highest peak. Dynamic and building intro that explodes into a EDM, piano led club anthem banger at 1:03Richard Pilkington (PRS) 100% 03:00
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksNSPS256Euphoric ShinerBathe in the feel-good energy of this euphoric and upbeat edm/pop track filled with bright 'n' shiny synths, deep bass, huge drums, sparkling arpeggios, echoing guitar plucks, fun vox fx/leads and pumping pads all grooving together for fresh and dynamic sound! #LetGo #WeekendVibrations #PopSynthsJamen Brooks (ASCAP) 100% 02:11
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksNSPS263Ray GunThis emotive, energetic EDM anthem radiates sonic-light, shifting between half-time drops and driving, upbeat dance grooves filled with shimmering synths, glistening chords, playful plucks, soaring leads, groovy basses and huge dance drums! Upbeat, euphoric and dynamic! #EDM #RayGunNathaniel Dias (BMI) 100% 02:20
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July 24, 2017
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