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Play Add Download Click to view album tracks13GAS013Diamond EdgeDark and brooding dub step with powerful beats and a bass driven melody! An angst driven epic where danger and emotion lurk around every corner. Beware swirling synths and sinister stabs, this can be a menacing yet strangely evocative place! Ambient - Electronic. 131 BPM. Full.01:27Alexander Salter (APRA) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1TRX077Sidney SamsontieDance - Electronica. Dirty, Dutch, House, Dance, Electro, Minimal, Techno, Club, Energetic, Groovy, DJ, Party, Nightlife, Lifestyle, Subculture, Amsterdam, Holland, Ibiza, Beat, Synthesizer, Percussion, Afrojack, Chuckie, Sidney Samson, Fast. Full Mix. 128 BPM.03:09G. Small (BUMA) 50%, F. Gerard (BUMA) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11NSPS122The StartIndie - Pop - Rock. A bright, up tempo, high driving pop/rock track with a big chorus. It features lead male vocals, big background harmonies, heavy guitars, acoustic guitars, organ, bass, and drums. 137 bpm. Full Mix.02:23Beau Black (BMI) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14NSPS125Run Run RunIndie - Pop. This song is dirty, gritty, likes to smash things, and enjoyes voulnteering at the local food bank. It's a driving song that gets right down to business with its dirty guitar thand and pounding drums. Theres bone crushing bass in there too. Everything you wand in a modern rock adventure... Nothing youd like to share with your book club. 166 BPM. Full Mix.02:20Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks11GAS012Achtung GraphiteSerious adrenalin packed techno with a funky twist! Thumping club beats and throbbing dub bass lines create an enthralling dance feel. Minimal funk guitar and visceral synths punctuate the pulsating rhythm! Big synths stab through an anthemic breakdown before kicking back into the main floor groove! Technology, power and precision engineering are clearly at play here. Turn this one up loud in the car a take it for a spin! Pop. 126.5 BPM. Full.02:12Alexander Salter (APRA) 100% [179 261 936]
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1CAR433Sons Of EnglandRaucous and animated indie folk song. Rousing male vocal. Vox02:39Wayne Murray (PRS) 50%, Paul Rawson (PRS) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2NSPS125Everything I LovedIndie - Pop. It's a warm and fuzzy love song full of charm. Light acoustic guitar strumming melds nicely with mellow doubled vocas and upbeat drums. They guys that sing this song only shop at H&M high fashion, hip and surprisingly affordable. And they have a prerequsite beard. 101 BPM. Full Mix.03:01Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1MIN006Vodka MonsterLarger than life kick drum punches underneath pulsing sound effects and a lush synth melody. Version - Full Mix02:01Phraze (BMI) 25% , Jujuan Gailey (BMI) 25% , Derek Yopp (ASCAP) 25% , Andrew Kim (ASCAP) 25%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2SFL1204Five Golden PlainsEchoing piano and percolating percussive synths lead into an anthemic sounding chorus with a soaring piano melody and lush synth backgrounds with pounding drums creating a larger than life feel. Inspirational and positive sounding with an unusual mash-up. Version - Full Mix02:49Ken Lewis (BMI) 34% , Scott Dente (BMI) 34% , Matt Stanfield (ASCAP) 32%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks7AZ022I Feel RightAn indie, down-tempo, electronic groove that catches you with playful vocals and a deep bass line. Alternative - Chill, Indie. 70 BPM. Full Mix.03:48Yoni Gileadi (BMI) 50% , Amy Gileadi (ASCAP) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1NSPS107Zap Zap ZapRock - Sports. Fat, electro-funk madness. An uber-bendy, electro-funk bass immediately infects your senses. Groovy, big-rock drums and electric, power chords kick in and lock in the groove. Dirty synth and guitar lines weave in and out while the tune keeps building. This will pump you up! Full Mix. 160 bpm.02:14Jamen Brooks (ASCAP) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks23AZ030Here We GoOriginal sounds, quick dance beats and mellow vocals. Slow intensity builds throughout the song in techno style with poppy background vocals to push the song forward.03:00Amy Gileadi (ASCAP) 50% , Yoni Gileadi (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks6PRO005StrummingDance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B. Urban, Electro, Club, House. 100 BPM. Full Mix.01:09G. Small (BUMA) 50%, F. Gerard (BUMA) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks1AZ004Puchya Hands In The AirA mid tempo old school break beat, with a freestyle street rap, a beat box breakdown and a catchy melody to finish it off. Urban - Hip Hop, Funk, RnB, Vocal. 90 BPM. Full Mix02:09Ryan T. Boud (BMI) 75% , Ebay Jamil Hamilton (ASCAP) 25%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks14MIN012MalfunctionPopping with contemporary dance/pop appeal and celestial, shining synth sparkle. Drums and bass lay down a hooky chorus with synth tones handing out an inviting feel with shimmering ethereal effects. Version - Full Mix01:53Phraze (BMI) 50% , Todd Andrew (BMI) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks18GA026CarnivalUrban - Hip Hop. This tune has a nice and easy groove for your smooth moves. Dreamy harp strums and angel voices capture you right from the start. Then comes the singy synth and hopping drum beats. Light jumping strings at 1:00. There's also a build and then a cool grooving section at :27, :59, 1:30, 2:04. Full Mix.02:37Daniel Delaney (APRA) 100%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks2PRO007ClapDance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B. Urban, Hiphop, Dark, Crime, Suspense, Punchy, Electronic Drums, Aggressive, Violent, Gangster, Gangsta, Medium, Prison. 90 BPM. Full Mix.00:50G. Small (BUMA) 50%, F. Gerard (BUMA) 50%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks25V139Total TransformationSlick and sophisticated electro rock - serious attitude 02:06Roger Dexter (PRS) 36%, Sandy Beech (PRS) 36%, Russell Square (PRS) 28%
Play Add Download Click to view album tracks4NSPS122Let's DriveIndie - Pop - Rock. An up-tempo, high driving, rock track featuring heavy guitars, bass, drums, organ, male distorted lead vocals, and background vocals. 158 bpm. Full Mix.01:48Beau Black (BMI) 100%
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October 9, 2013
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